Ready for Superhero Action at Last

James Blake
I’ve had breakfast, I’m feeling on top of the world, my room is tidy, and Sam and I are going to go and reclaim some copper tubes from pipe thieves!

She saw some men taking copper pipes from a church. Well, it’s time to take back!

Not that we’re planning on going face to face with the thieves. I mean, we could. Actually I’d like to. I know I’m hard enough to take on virtually anyone now. But the whole point is that we can’t draw attention to ourselves. It’s going to be hard enough getting to the house unseen, then getting into the house unseen, finding the copper, and getting out.

But I have to tell you, I am well up for it. We’re leaving in 20 minutes...


Don't Worry Little Sis

James Blake
Sis has been acting oddly.

Sis, when you read this later, what’s the matter? You need to chill out more. Don’t worry so much.

I know you’re probably a bit funny about Susan fancying me, and I know I’ve been a bit pumped up over this super powers thing lately. But I’m still your brother. Same old me. Not going to change. I promise. So don’t worry.

I like Susan too, and it would be cool to hang out with her. But only if you’re cool with that?

Love ya Little Sis.


Would You Go Out With A Freak?

Samantha Blake
Starting to feel a bit better about things. Had my first night’s sleep last night when I didn’t burn anything, have a nightmare, or go sleepwalking. I feel really good actually. Just got to work on the daytime anxiety now.

James was talking about my friend Susan. He says he fancies her, and I know that she really - really likes him. It got me thinking about boys and stuff. Will they fancy me? I mean, they might at first, but then what if they find out about what I can do?

Will they think I’m a freak?

Who wants to go out with a freak? I can’t imagine having a boyfriend. Just being that close to someone, and kissing and - aaaarrrrggghhh - think about something else.

I’d feel too self conscious all the time. Sometimes I feel like my skin is prickling with heat as it is. I just couldn’t ever relax or be myself with anyone.

There’s no way I’d be able to talk to anyone about this. I know James might see this. Actually, I don’t think he even bothers to read this. I read his stuff though. I want to know how my brother is. Want to make sure he’s ok.

I know Mum and Dad are looking out for me, but sometimes having these powers makes me feel very alone.


Hansel and Gretel Woods

Samantha Blake
Witches Wood wasn't as scary as I thought it would be.

I suppose I'd built it up in my head that it would be really bad. But then again, woods are really only scary at night aren't they? Not on summer's days.

However, I found the remains of lots of fires. Which makes sense because I saw the glow of a fire last night.

There’s also a big house which is in the middle of the wood.

It’s like something out of a fairytale. I wonder who owns it. I wouldn’t like to live there. It must have at least six or seven bedrooms. It’s old. Probably made from bread.

PS. Woods isn't Hansel and Gretel's surname, in case you thought it was, from the title. I don't know what it was. Kettle? It kind of goes...


Bad Things Happen in Scary Woods, Don’t They?

Samantha Blake
For such a quiet place, there’s a lot going on in so-called sleepy Suffolk.

I wish Nina was here. Susan, the girl I met the other day, seems nice, but I really miss my best friend. Nina Palmer and I have been friends for forever, but her parents took her over to India to stay with family after the bombing. Just want someone to talk to. Can only really talk to my brother because he's the only one who really understands what's going on with me.

But you can't talk to your brother about everything can you!?

Witches Wood really fascinates me! It's just across the field from Nan and Grandad's farmhouse.

I think it is because we weren’t allowed in the wood when we were younger. It’s just such a big deal for me. I’m actually more scared now, thinking about going into the wood, than I was I was when I was stuck in the hospital - and all the weird things that went on there!

Thing is, I know there’s nothing bad in the woods, and even if there was, nothing could hurt me.

I'm going to go for a run in the woods later. I want to see the wood for myself.

Things happen in woods don’t they? Scary things. It's supposed to be haunted. It's supposed to  have ghosts in it. People have seen them. I'm scared, but I want to see one too.

Even if there are ghosts, surely they wouldn't be able to hurt me, with my powers?


Is it OK To Fancy Your Sister's Friends?

James Blake
Samantha had a massive go at me yesterday. Ugh. Hate it when my sister does that.

I’ve been practising my teleporting. I went as far as Helmshall St Mary, which is about 7 miles away.

I’ve found a really quiet spot. There’s an old church right on the edge of the village. I don’t think it’s even used. Maybe, I don’t know.

Anyway, I can just land in the wooded bit round the back of the church. No one ever goes there. No houses, no CCTV. So I land there, and then it’s just a 5 minute walk into the village itself. No one sees me come, no one sees me go. Capiche? It's wicked!

Saw Sam out running. She’s got a really hot friend. Is it wrong to fancy your sister’s friends? Is that a good idea? Do I sound like Jez from Peep Show? Hope so. He’d love my powers!

Well, I had to go and say hello, and she was cool. And I think she fancied me. She gave me her mobile number. Sam went off on one to me about it when Susan left. So I just teleported home. That got her even more annoyed. She threw a massive strop about it when she got home, which was about 5 minutes after me. Honestly, what's her problem? Yes I get that Susan is her friend, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't like her too. Ugghh.

I suppose I should think about it, and agonise over the right or wrongs of it. But have you seen her?!
Going to do some more practice today. Teleporting, that is!

Dad mentioned something about us going to Summer school. Seriously? This is the holiday. And I’m traumatised. Doesn’t anyone get that? I need to chill out. And have fun. With Susan preferably. Lucky I don't have flame powers or I'd have burned the farmhouse down by now.

Trying not think about Chief Superintendent Harden and those text messages. And that girl. Yep. That’s it. By simply not thinking about that stuff, it won’t bother me will it? That’s definitely the best idea.


My Auntie is a Ghost?!

Samantha Blake

The people in the village think my Aunty Katie is a ghost!

I just came right out with it and asked Mrs Meredith. Apparently all the village used to say that Katie was evil!!! My Dad’s sister!

Even Mum doesn’t know why. I asked her too. But she didn't know Dad back then cos it was in the 1980s or sometime in pre-history.

But that isn’t the strangest thing. Apparently, I look like her! I’ve never ever seen a photo of Aunty Katie, so I don’t know if I really do. But that’s what Mrs Meredith says.

“You’re the spit of her you are,” she said.

Which wasn’t exactly the nicest compliment I’ve ever had. “But you’re a lovely girl,” she added.

Thanks Mrs M. I feel so much better.